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TRAPHX Club Raffle

TRAPHX High Power Rocket Club is supporting a Raffle. We will be giving away a Raffle Prize, on Saturday afternoon at each scheduled rocket launch. Club Member raffle tickets are free, non-members may purchase a ticket to enter for $5. Once you have flown a High Power Rocket, “H” Motor or greater, the day of the Raffle, you will receive a raffle ticket. Cutoff time for entering the Raffle during the scheduled Saturday launch day will be 3:30PM. Drawing for the Raffle Winner will be shortly after 3:30PM Saturday.

November LAunch

Update: We will be heading out to the launch site Friday morning, we will determine if the road is passable when we get to the site. Keep watching the website.

We will have rain on Wed-Thur at Aguila and Eagle Eye.

There could be an issue accessing the launch site if the road is muddy.

We plan on heading out to the launch site on Friday around noon to check out the condition of the road.

All vehicles, ATV’s, etc… must stay on designated roads, leading to the launch site and around the launch site.