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April is here, are you ready for the last TRAPHX launch till Balls?

Don’t miss the April launch @ Eagle Eye site.  This will be the last Tripoli Phoenix launch before the 100+ degree summer weather shows up in May/June and takes some of the fun out of flying rockets in Arizona.  If you miss the April launch, you will have to wait till September when we venture to Blackrock for the BALLS launch, or October when we resume Arizona launching .

Check out the Eagle Eye launch site information here.

See you at the launch!

March ARG! Launch Cancelled!

I regret to inform everyone that, our efforts to get a waiver in place for the March Launch have been exhausted. Apparently, LA Center is not approving any rocketry waivers at this time; and our last ditch effort to get a waiver from Albuquerque Center for Eagle Eye in place for March fell through today.

Therefore, we are canceling ARG and the March Launch.

We are going to continue to work on getting the waiver for the Cypress site for the October launch. I am going to engage Tripoli National and Tripoli San Diego to determine what the issue is with LA Center.

The good news is, our April Launch will be at Eagle Eye and the waiver for 50,000 MSL is already approved!

Scott Hertel Prefect

Tripoli Phoenix to Sponsor 2014 Arizona Rocketry Gathering (ARG!)

Tripoli Phoenix is proud to announce that thanks to close cooperation with our friends in the AHPRA prefect, the organizations have agreed that TRAPHX will sponsor this years Arizona Rocketry Gathering, or more commonly called ARG!

ARG is swinging good time for all lads and lasses to wear there best pirate garb and fly rockets in the wonderful springtime desert temperatures.  So leave your Northern snow fall at home and come join the fun!

The launch will be held a brand new TRAPHX site near Quartzite Arizona, situated 2.5 hours from Phoenix and very close to many folks in southern California as well.  Check out the launch site page for details.

A handy PDF format  announcement flyer is also available!

See you mateys @ ARG!