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Waiver is a go, launch site maybe not!

The waiver is all set and the NOTAM is filed. On condition, however, is that Luke AFB has asked us to end at 4:00pm on Saturday for a mission that will be taking place overhead.

Also!!!- Please check your email or back here for updates on launch site accessablity. With all the rain there is a possibility of permanent damage to the access road, stuck vehicles and muddy feets. If the road is too soft, the launch will be scrubbed and waiver closed.

2019/2020 Waiver in Place!

The FAA waiver for our site is in place, covering us from the October launch through the summer of 2020. Most of the details remain the same. Surface to 50,000’ msl (47,700’ agl), 3.5 mile radius, 8am to 5pm each day.

This waiver also has provisions for night launches. So far the October Aquila Skys launch is set for a night launch, with more months to be announced.