Launch Procedures

Guy Hardy/Bill Robinson Anti-Bovine  Balls 22
Guy Hardy/Bill Robinson
Balls 22

General Information

Membership in Tripoli or NAR IS required for flying motors greater than G impulse. Note:  Fliers 18 years old and up must present proof of Tripoli or NAR membership, and have the appropriate certification level if they are planning on using high power motors (H impulse and up).  Fliers under 18 years old must be accompanied by a Tripoli or NAR member over 18 while on the Model Rocket range.

If you are planning on flying, please pay the range fee at the registration.

If you would like to become a Tripoli Phoenix member, the forms are available at the registration table.

If you have your own launch system, set up your launch system at a designated pad location consistent with the largest motor you will use. Note: Your launch control cable must be of sufficient length to go from the launch pad to the controller area adjacent to the flight line.

If you do not have your own launch system, please ask the Pad Manager/RSO for help.  They will help assign you a pad.

You must be 18 years old or accompanied by a Tripoli or NAR member over 18 while on the High Power range

Each flight MUST be accompanied by a FLIGHT CARD. These cards can be picked up at the registration table.


Range Safety Officer (RSO)

Have your rocket ready, with the exceptions of installing your igniter and arming your electronics. Note: Igniters are to be installed at the PADS or Igniter Leads Shunted. Altimeters are to be armed at the launch pad. Do not stand in the RSO line with an armed altimeter and unshunted (i.e. ready to fire) ejection charges or igniters. THIS IS NOT SAFE!

Bring your rocket to the RSO table with your filled out FLIGHT CARD.

The RSO will inspect your rocket. Please answer any questions the RSO may ask and make any changes the RSO may ask you to make on your rocket. When the RSO is satisfied your rocket is safe, he will so indicate on the Flight Card.


Launch Control Officer (LCO)

After having the RSO inspect your rocket, take your rocket to your PAD or have the Pad Manager assign you a PAD.

Electronics should not be armed until the rocket is on the pad. If the electronics must be armed prior to placing the rocket on the pad, make sure that no one is in a position where they might be injured should an igniter or electric match accidentally fire.

If you have a problem, get the attention of the LCO (or ask your fellow rocketeer for help).

As you return from the pad, you must leave your flight card at the LCO table. There is clear box on the LCO Table place your Flight Card in the top slot. You card will be pulled in the order in which it was placed in the box.

If this is a certification flight, tell the LCO so that he can get the attention of a Prefect/ TAP to watch the flight.

While you wait for your turn to launch, please stand close to the Flight Line so you do not obstruct the line of sight of the LCO, Pad Manager and the person currently launching.

When your turn is called by the LCO, step up to your launcher and raise your hand so the LCO can recognize you as the next launcher.

The LCO will announce the information on the Flight Card (your name, type of rocket, motor Information and launch pad number, etc.), and then the LCO and RSOB will do a safety check of the range. The LCO will announce when the range is safe and will give you a 5-second countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, “LAUNCH” or “START” or “GO”).  Note: You may insert your safety key AFTER the LCO announces the range is safe.

Press the launch button when the LCO says, “LAUNCH”, NOT BEFORE. The count down may be stopped for any number of reasons, so DO NOT ANTICIPATE the launch command.

If your rocket motor fails to ignite, you may be asked to remove the rocket from the pad and install a new igniter. Take your launch card from the LCO table if you remove your rocket from the pads.


Certification Policies

If you are certifying, please make contact with the Prefect or TAP prior to your Flight.  When filling out the flight card, make sure the Certification Flight box on the card is checked.

Tripoli Research Safety Code 2013

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