TRAPHX CAMPER decorating contest!!

Hey there Club!
Just a quick update on the TRAPHX camper decoration contest this weekend. Make your camper (or tent, or truck) scream Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwazy Kwanza, Tip-top Tet, or Solemnly Repantant Ramadan and be the envy of your fellow club members!

First off, the winners will be decided by popular vote, gathered by the TRAPHX board members during the launch and at the potluck. The winner will be announced after the potluck/during the campfire. 
And of course, there will be prizes galore…. And by prizes galore I mean gift certificates from Animal Motor Works!
SO! There’s still time to stop at the Safeway in Wickenburg or the Family Dollar in Aguilla for the finishing touches you need to WIN WIN WIN! 

Good luck,


December Holiday Launch

Greetings TRAPHX!

Here’s quick reminder about some special things happening at the next launch, being held December 3rd through the 5th. First off, those of you who are good with numbers may have deduced it’s a THREE-DAY LAUNCH! The waiver will open 9am to 5pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This opens us up for exciting possibilities like Wayne and Sharon running out of motors or James Donald launching a rocket on a Saturday.

ALSO! There will be a pot-luck on Saturday night. Bring your favorite dish to share with your fellow rocketeers. Keep in mind that there will not be power for things like crock-pots or margarita blenders, so plan accordingly.

Last, but not least, we will help kick off the holiday season by having a camper decorating contest. Festoon your rig with all your favorite lights, inflatable contraptions and tinsel-y bits. You will be judged in multiple categories and there will be prizes. Stay tuned for more info on rules, categories and prizes.

If you have any questions about his or anything else club related, please use our new-ish email address-

Hope to see everyone out at Eagle Eye!

Scott Wathey

October Launch is a go!

The waiver notifications have been made for the October launch and we are go!

There seems to have been some confusion about whether or not there will be a potluck at this launch being the club’s October Skies launch. Currently there is no potluck planned. This could be entirely due to the new board (namely me) not remembering what all happens at the October launch. My apologies if there were any misunderstandings.

There are more festivities planned for the three day launch on December 3-5, including a potluck and camper Christmas lights decorating contest.

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