Launch Update

Launch Date:
Our next launch is Mar 28 – Mar 29
Mr. Wathey has procured the waiver and we are good to go. Nice work Scott.
The weather is prime for rocket launching and desert camping.
It will be hot and sunny so be sure to pack shade and sunscreen.

February Launch:
We had a light turnout in February due to the threat of rain.
Fortunately the heavy rain held off till Monday morning and we were able to fly all day Saturday and Sunday.
The road was fine and no one was stuck at the launch site. That said, as I was leaving Monday morning the road was getting pretty bad.
We had a new member join the club and he also successfully completed his Level 1, congratulations Rafael Catania!

February 2015 Launch Sunset
February 2015 Launch Sunset

On Friday the cloud cover produced this awesome Sunset, thanks to Thomas Blackford for the picture.

Bob Heninger
Secretary Tripoli Phoenix

Tripoli Phoenix December Pot Luck

Tripoli Phoenix Rocketry Prefecture will be hosting December Launch Pot Luck Dinner!

Pot Luck be held shortly after range closes on Saturday Dec 27th at the Eagle Eye Launch site of the December Launch.  So bring your favorite dish, some food to share, a comfy chair, and come join us for an evening of fun!  [If you have a favorite beverage, bring that too!]

See you at the Launch!

OktoberFest Cancelled.

Sorry folks.

The BLM is telling us they lost our application for the 17-19th and gave those dates to another group.  Tripoli headquarters is working to see if they can get the FAA to move the waiver to another weekend.   We will keep you posted as we get more info.

To be clear OktoberFest will not be the weekend of the 17-19 and the new date has not been set yet.

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