Good News – May Launch added to Calendar!

The BOD has decided to have a May launch on the 24th and 25th at Eagle Eye. We have our 50,000ft waiver. So come join us! Fire restrictions are in place so no campfires will be allowed. We are going to start to collect launch fees for our launches as we need to purchase a few things such as launch pads and controllers for the Orbital Launch. Fees will be $5 for members and $10 for non-members. The fees cover the entire weekend.

We will have a fliers meeting first thing to go over the clubs launch procedures for the small venues at Eagle Eye. We want to maintain a safe relaxed atmosphere where all of our members contribute to the flight operations. Our intention is to maintain the Tripoli research rules while not having to burden volunteers to sit up at the range head and do RSO and LCO duty for several hours. In summary the procedures are as follows:

Every rocket will be required to have a flight card and go through the RSO/LCO requirements. We will identify all individuals that are L2 or greater and willing to RSO rockets and LCO. We will spend a few minutes to teach the LCOs how to operate the PA system. From that point forward, it will be the fliers responsibility to find one of the identified RSOs to inspect their rocket and sign their flight card. The flier will also be responsible to find someone willing to be LCO for their flight. It will be the LCOs responsibly to ensure that the flight card has been signed off by a RSO.

Scott Hertel

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