Holtville Havoc Launch

Thanks to Sharon for providing the following launch report!

Wayne and Sharon attended Tripoli San Diego Prefecture #5 for their 1st Annual “Holtville Havoc” March 2nd through 5th. Formerly known as “Plaster Blaster” when located near Plaster City, this new launch site has been in development for a couple of years. The city of Holtville, California, rents this site to SD/TRA on the first weekend of the month and the launch area is an unused airport surround by desert landscape, the inner launch area is cleared off pretty well but once past the cleared area it looks quite a bit like Eagle Eye. Trackers are highly recommended and landing on concrete happened to a few of our rockets, fortunately our recovery systems were up to the task. The waiver is 15,000’ AGL/MSL (the airport is like 1’ above sea level). The club has an ample number of launch pads but we took our own and primarily launched off of them, using our launch system but they ran the countdown.

They put on a really good regional launch. The Low Power and High Power areas were separated and run by their own LCO/RSO so there was no lines at RSO or waiting for rockets to be launched. Probably the best run launch outside of Airfest that I’ve been to personally. We, as usual, ended up launching more rockets than anybody – between the two of us we launched 17 of the 23 rockets we brought, some we didn’t get to due to the occasional cloud hold and slightly windy conditions, and others because we didn’t know California didn’t allow Research motors. There were low power night launches each night and a potluck Friday night. Porta Potties were available, you can camp anywhere out there and AMW and Discount Rocketry were the vendors.

Since we had a really good time we plan to go back to the next Holtville Havoc and maybe even wander down there for a regular weekend when we have time – the drive wasn’t bad: 4 hours from Goodyear with the toy hauler with a stop on the way down in Yuma for cheap gas at Sam’s Club. Their website is http://www.tripolisandiego.org/

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