March LAunch

Launch Site

We are making improvements to the launch site setup for the March and future launches.

Due to safety concerns, mainly people having to drive on the range to get access to the prep and camping area and the lack of good sites for away cells (“O” motors and above) we are planning on redesigning the site setup.

We shall be swapping the Range and the Prep/Camping Area.

This is the current site setup:

This is the new site setup:

Range Safety

Reminder, requirements of our TRA insurance and the TRA safety rules for research launches:

  1. To access the high power range you must be a TRA or NAR member (any level). All non TRA or NAR members are considered spectators and must remain behind the flight line.
  2. You must be a TRA member with a level 2 certification or above to launch a rocket on a research motor at a TRA research launch.

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