University Teams

Guidelines for University Teams

  1. Without exception, university teams must involve an experienced mentor, a Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) Tripoli Advisory Board (TAP) member or a TRA Prefect, during the design and construction phases of their rocketry projects if they expect to fly them at Tripoli Phoenix club launches.
  2. The TAP or Prefect mentor must be certified at or above the level of motor the team wishes to fly AND experienced in the type of construction, propulsion, and recovery the team uses.
  3. A member or members of the university team shall have a TRA certification level equal or higher than the motor class they plan to fly, that member or members shall sign the flight card.
  4. University teams who build a rocket that requires a motor higher than their member(s) cert levels, and then as an afterthought contact a club hoping to fly shall not be allowed to fly that project at a Tripoli Phoenix launch.
  5. University teams shall be expected to understand and follow all TRA safety rules.

Tripoli Phoenix Mentor Contacts

TAP members and the Prefect are volunteers and have day jobs, waiting to the last minute to contact them is not recommended and could negatively affect your launch schedule.


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