ASU clarification

Hello fellow Rocket nerds,

Recently we had an issue with a club from ASU that showed up late and was very upset that the launch had been cancelled due to wind speeds beyond what the TRA Safety Code would permit.

First, I want to make it very clear that this was a separate group from the normal ASU group that we all love and that’s been so great. Sorry to lump you guys in with this!

Also, after gathering more information post-incident, we have asked the offending party to enjoy launches at clubs other than TRAPHX.

Launch canceled due to wind.

The launch today this was scrubbed due to winds at about 9:15am. 15 kts gusting to 25+ is not fun or safe to fly in. To the ASU students who showed up and were really angry that we canceled, please keep in mind that making sound go/no-go decisions is part of the certification process. Being super upset at the Prefect and Secretary of the club isn’t showing good judgement.

October launch!

Greetings fellow TRAPHX rocketeers,

We’re a week away from the October launch and the start of our flying season! We have our brand new waiver in place and the necessary notifications have been made. The weather looks great!

Just a quick reminder that there will be a potluck on Saturday night. Bring a chair and a tasty dish!

There are also a high number of certs already planned for the launch. If you are anning to certify and are not part of ASU or ERAU, please get in touch with me via the club email, FB messenger or Discord. Please also plan on certifying Saturday, as the launch ends at noon Sunday and we’ve got limited bandwidth as we pack up.

See you at Eagle Eye!

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