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2021-2022 Schedule

Straight from the Prefect’s EZ-Up on the Blackrock Playa, here’s the schedule for the 2021-2022 season.

October 23-24
December 3-5
December 31-January 2
January 29-30
February 26-27
March 26-27
April 23-24
May 21-22

We’ve got some new things in store calendar-wise this season. Our normal October launch kicks off the season, but the November and December launches have been combined into a three-day launch on December 3rd through 5th. We’re also really excited about having a New Year’s Eve/Day launch on December 31st through January 2nd. These launches help cut down in the congestion of launches that fall right before some major holidays, as well as make for some fun new experiences out at Eagle Eye. Expect more news to follow about pot lucks, camper decorating contests and the old board dressing as Santa and the elves.

A official “season starter” email will be sent shortly, but we wanted to get the schedule circulated for your planning convenience.

2021/2022 Schedule option

Hey fellow TRAPHX members,

I have a proposal.

Looking forward to the 2021/2022 launch schedule, what if we had one “Holiday Launch” on December 3-4-5? Waiver open on Friday, a potluck, Robert and Gloria can launch a turkey. We’ll even give it a super clever name, like the “Holiday TRAPHX Jam” or something. If we really feel the need to make up the lost launch, perhaps we could have a New Years Eve/Day launch. The other option is November 20-21 and December 18-19. Totally doable, but I don’t feel like those are ideal dates due to being right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unfortunately due to the Wathey work schedule and other limitations, the weekends just prior to those are unavailable. We can still have pot lucks and launch turkeys, but no silly names.

Thoughts? Here’s your chance to weigh in. Reply here, email me, or head to the TRAPHX Facebook group. Or we can talk at the April Launch.