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october launch

Hello TRAPHX! Now that things have calmed down after Balls 31, it’s time to get ready for our much anticipated first launch of our season.

The first order of business is to announce the annual October Launch PotLuck. Saturday evening bring your favorite dish, a chair and an appetite. The club will provide plates and cutlery and napkins.

Also a quick reminder that while our launches are a two day affair, we like to end at noon Sunday. Please plan any certification flights or projects that require the club’s assistance for Saturday.

More big announcements coming soon. Stay tuned!

2023/2024 Schedule

Hi all, here is the 2023/2024 TRAPHX Launch Schedule. Apart from November and December, all launches are on the 4th weekend of the month. Traditionally there is no September launch as the bulk of the club attends the Tripoli Gerlach Balls launch on the 4th weekend of September.

October 28-29
November- No Launch
December 2-3
January 27-28
February 24-25
March 23-24
April 27-28

Nature Abhors a Vacuum. So… Wind.

As God said to Noah, it might rain just a bit.

Just know that the TRAPHX board is employing our crack team of weather observers who are pouring over all the data from the Rapid Precesion Mesoscale, Convective-scale Numerical Predictions and the back of section A in the Sunday paper.

Stay tuned for more information about how this might affect the February launch