Balls 24

Balls 24 was a great success for Tripoli Phoenix and
HillBilly Rocketry!

James Donald – 2-stage 111,000 Perfect recovery
Scott Hertel & Guy Hardy – 8URKT 87,000 Perfect recovery
Bob Heninger – HillBillium 18,000 Perfect recovery
Paul Harnisch – Sol Diablo 10,000 Perfect recovery
Jim Cornwell – 18″ Mosquito 8,000 Perfect recovery

Don Alexander made the motors for the Hillbillium (M) and
the Mosquito (O)
Scott and Guy built the motor for 8URKT (Q)

The weather was perfect with some low wind gusts on Saturday.

8URKT Photo by Thomas Blackford

The May Launch is On!!!!!!!!!!

I have received messages from a few members asking if we have our Waiver.

We did receive the waver, so the launch is ON!

We should have great weather this weekend. Temps should be in the 70s and 80s, and the low level winds should be below 10 mph all weekend. I know several are going for some high altitude. Be aware that the high altitude winds look to be the best on Saturday.

I look forward to seeing you all this weekend.


Air Force Operations have caused our April Launch to be canceled.

We just received word from FAA that our wavier for the launch this weekend has been cancelled.
Luke Air Force Base has a special operation that will require them to use the airspace this weekend. Unfortunately, this can happen to us from time to time because our launch site is in a MOA controlled by Luke. I was hoping that if they needed the air space we would get more notice, but clearly NOT!

We are trying to get next weekend, and will post an update if we do.

Please help us get the word out, the April 25-26 launch has been cancelled.

Scott Hertel

Arizona’s Premier Rocketry Club